Board portal software should allow board members to gain access to important information, streamline board meetings, and enhance governance. The right system can even reduce the cost of staff as well as the organization. Along with providing secure online storage, a reliable board portal will also reduce the cost of paper, binders and courier services. When choosing the right board software, you must take into consideration a variety of factors. The first step is to decide which features are the most important – what results do you want to achieve? Once you’ve identified your goals, it’s time to examine the options. The next step is to review user reviews, assess the features and functions and determine your budget.

Consider a complete bundle that includes meeting-management, eSignature features, and unlimited storage. Other options include granular access rights, survey tools, calendar sharing, and online board books. Find a vendor with NIST security protocols that meet security compliance requirements. You should also consider the cost of implementing and training.

Some providers offer a free trial of their software for board portals however, it’s important keep in mind that these software solutions usually do not have the essential functionality as well as support and top-ofthe-line security. They usually use public servers and do not provide enough encryption in order to protect users from external cyberattacks. In addition, they may not be as responsive or helpful in terms of customer support. They’re not the best option for boards that are responsible. Choose a solution that is accepted by credit unions and financial institutions as well as by crown corporations and non profit organisations in North America.

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